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Almost Dead In Suburbia

Almost Dead In Suburbia

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Almost Dead In Suburbia

by Douglas Pearce

In the sleepy village of Wiggleswood there are ghosts. After a car accident involving two neighbours, Ralph and Fred, both await their turn to cross over to the other side. But only one is really dead. The other was merely... in a bit of a hurry. In the confusion, the metaphorical gate is slammed in both their faces. However, when Ralph goes 'back', he finds his body already has a new occupant; his dead neighbour, Fred. Yet nothing is quite what it seems. And some people are not who they claim. Now there's a company to save, a mystery to solve and in two weeks somebody is going to die. If Ralph doesn't get his body back, it might well be him...
This book:
Novel, general fiction, 226pgs
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