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Regrets, P'kaboo is currently not accepting submissions.

(These submissions guidelines are in place when P'kaboo is accepting submissions. Please feel free to read them even when we are not.)

Carefully read this page before contacting us for submissions. Non-compliant submissions will be ignored.

For practical reasons, P'kaboo can no longer accept ANY submissions that have not first been professionally edited.
P'kaboo accepts submissions with the following provisos:

[1] The manuscript must have been professionally edited before submission.
[2] You source your own professional cover graphic.

Disclaimer: Manuscripts are chosen, accepted or rejected based on a variety of factors, including the quality of the submission, our publishing program, themes addressed, and other factors.
Submissions Guidelines
What can I expect?
Our SLVP policy

Available genres:

1. Fiction: Adventure | YA (all) | Fantasy | Science Fiction | General Fiction | Romance | Goth | Supernatural | Younger Readers | Comedy | Crime | Mystery | Other

2. Non-Fiction:
Financial Advisors | Life Coaching | Teaching Material | Music Books | Multimedia | Other

Submissions Guidelines:

[1] Important: Before you consider submitting, contact a professional editor and have your work professionally edited. Due to time and practical constraints, P'kaboo is not accepting any further "raw" submissions.

Click here if you need help with editing (at own cost).

[2] Send us an email (click the "Submit" button)

[3] In that email, tell us who you are and a bit of your relevant background, what you have written and which genre you feel it belongs to.

[4] Attach: 3 chapters or the first 60 pages of your fiction book OR a summary of your already completed non-fiction book

[5] The manuscript must be complete before you contact us. We don't work with "proposals".

[6] Only send the complete manuscript if we ask.

All submissions must be by pdf email attachment. Paper manuscripts are not accepted.

Submit a Manuscript Get Help

What can I expect to happen next?:


You have sent your submission. What next?

[1] The email will arrive in our inbox.

[2] A real person (our submissions editor) will open and read your email and have a look at your material.

[3] Depending on work load, the submissions editor will read it soon, or only later. Feel free to email us a reminder if after 2 weeks you have not heard anything from us.

[4] A decision to request more is based on the quality of what you submit, as well as our current program.

If your manuscript is accepted:

[1] The manuscript will (again) go through the hands of an editor. Depending on the situation, your input may be required.
Yes you read that right: Before publishing your already professionally edited manuscript, we will once again go over it. This is to ensure that 1) nothing was missed, 2) the themes and scenes are compliant with our policies (e.g. our SLVP policy, below).

[2] Only material will be published of which all edits have been approved by you and P'kaboo.

[3] You will provide a suitable cover graphic of professional standard. This will have to be approved by the P'kaboo team. Only provide the image (this may include the title and author name); we will place and arrange the blurb, title and author name (if you provided an image only) and all the relevant technical information.

Your cover image must comply with the following:
[a] be relevant to the story
[b] look striking
[c] still be striking and the title still legible when reduced to thumbnail size.
[4]The book will be published as P'kaboo ebook in epub and e-pdf; as Amazon paperback and kindle book, and, provided that enough sales volume is generated, as a P'kaboo paperback too.

The publishing process entails a lot of communication, sending files to and fro, and revising. It inevitably takes longer than you hope it will. Start out with patience and a cooperative mindset.

Our SLVP policy:

Our books are read by young and very young people. For this reason we will not publish material that is not child-safe. Stories containing graphic violence, explicit scenes, overly rough language or anything else we find objectionable, will not be published. However if your general fiction or romance contains themes that only go over the heads of children or teenagers, that presents no problem.

If your story is written for a more mature audience, we suggest you submit to Honeymead Books instead.

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