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Small Girl lives alone in the Old Forest. That is, until Robin appears and starts enriching her life with song by day and light by night. Robin is a gift from the Forest, and he has gifts to give himself.

Over time, Robin shows Small Girl how to be a friend. But someone else wants to claim Small Girl all for their own, someone who does not want to share. Can Robin help Small Girl this time?

A lingering story with rare emotional depth.

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*Charity benefit:
If you buy a paper copy of "The Robin and the Wish" (Paperback or Hardcover when available, or Braille version), €1 will be donated to CHAS - Children's Hospitals Across Scotland.

The Braille version is produced by Scottish Braille, but as they are sending it out below their own print cost, we have decided to pace them and are sending them back 1 extra Euro for every copy sold. We buy our copies from them at full retail cost.

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Reviewed in Local Newspaper: Shaun in touch

Our client Shaun Harbour‘s book The Robin and the Wish has been translated into Braille, and published by the Scottish Braille Press in Edinburgh. Here’s a cutting from Shaun’s local newspaper celebrating this. Well done, Shaun, on reaching a new and wonderful readership. (Bookseeker Agency)

About the Author:

Shaun Harbour lives in the ever inspiring idylls of rural Perthshire.

The only male in a household of wife, 2 kids and 2 cats, he remains a poet/cartoonist/writer who wishes day jobs didn’t have to exist.

He has self-published a few poetry collections, and is a keen singer - maintaining his place as a tenor with the Scottish Police and Community choir for the last 8 years, where he’s performed for royalty, flashmobbed at ‘T In The Park’, performed on stage and on the streets in NYC, alongside Scottish legend Dougie MacLean and toured with Russell Watson.

He once appeared on The Chase, where where he was destroyed by “The Beast” Mark Labbett.

He also likes to draw a little.


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